The objective of the Elderly Sector Network is to synergise, streamline and consolidate training/event-organising efforts between volunteer agencies of the same interest group. Focusing on the elderly sector, we hope to promote networking among the volunteer agencies to share and exchange ideas, resources and information. we hope to promote networking not only within the elderly sector but also to other sectors, through our inter-sector networking efforts.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

ESN Inter-agency Carnival cum Concert 07

Dear reader,

on the 15th Dec 07, Saturday, 2pm - 5pm, the inaugural ESN Inter-Agency Carnival cum Concert was held successfully!

With contributions of efforts from the various agencies caring for the elderly and the YJC and RJC Interactors, we managed to pull off a fun and happy event for around 60 elderly from the different homes.

All in all, the elderly enjoyed themselves at the 14 games, food and barang barang stalls, winning lots of prizes and having a good laugh and chat with volunteers. It was really great to see volunteers and elderly alike enjoying the occasion.

In addition the lucky draw, agency exhibition and slideshow added to the atmosphere.

The concert finale was greatly enjoyed with, great singing from the singers from Moral Home and the Guitar Interest Group, the dancing by staff from Swami and the singing and harmonica performances by the ah kongs from Silra Home.

We really would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the success of the event.
  • YJC for providing their hall and equipment free of charge
  • YJC Interactors and AVA crew for their help rendered
  • Our anonymous sponsors for the carnival, transport and lucky draw prizes
  • PUB for NeWater
  • Volunteers from Silra, Moral, Swami, Sree Narayana, Kreta Ayer, All Saints for their contributions to setting up the stalls
  • Stephanie's friend who acted as Santa Claus
  • Fellow ESN members who made the operations smooth going

Thank you!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Representatives from Elderly Sector Agencies

All Saints Home - Edmund and Carolyn
Brighthill Evergreen Home - Chung Tat and Molly
Henderson Aged Reachout Programme - Jean Quek
Kreta Ayer (Programme based) - Stephanie and Lay Guat
Moral Home - Huiquan, Daniel and SK
Moral Welfare Home - Fucai and Esther
Silra Home - Shaorong and Rimei
Sree Narayana Home - Wenhui

Our associates - Teck Ee, Eric Cheong, Hwee Hian, Vernon Koh, Jean Quek

Words from Our Chairman - Lim Seow Kuan

May I have a minute of your time?

My fellow volunteer,
2006 sees the Elderly Sector Networking group, ESN for short, officially
inaugurated as a networking group where all its members share the same
belief that through networking, synergy is created which will bring about
greater benefits for the beneficiaries in the old aged homes, and senior citizen programmes in Singapore.

We are just a small group of volunteers from the eldercare sector who
hope to do a bit more for volunteers and the beneficiaries. We are not
ambitious but neither are we contented to see opportunities for networking
that can make volunteering more meaningful and less effortless go by.

One of our core activities is to organize non-profit workshops for
volunteers with varying levels of experience and involvement. We are always
on the lookout for good trainers and experienced volunteers to share their
expertise and thoughts with you, and to inspire you. Through the process of
learning, you will be able to serve the beneficiaries better.

Other projects in our pipeline are the Volunteer Exchange Programme
and an Inter-Agency Bazaar and Concert. Through these projects, we hope to
raise the awareness of volunteerism in the eldercare sector in addition to
providing more opportunities for interaction between elderly from different
agencies, between elderly and volunteers, and between volunteers from
different agencies.

Each one of you is significant, that is the message we want to bring to
you. Through more sharing amongst volunteers, let us strive to inspire more
people to take up volunteering as a way of life, just as I have been inspired
and touched by my fellow volunteers that I have come in touch with.

Yours sincerely,
Lim Seow Kuan
ESN, towards Synergy in Networking
January 2006

Elderly Sector Network Blog Launch

The blog for ESN (Elderly Sector Network) is finally launched on 28 August 2006!!

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