The objective of the Elderly Sector Network is to synergise, streamline and consolidate training/event-organising efforts between volunteer agencies of the same interest group. Focusing on the elderly sector, we hope to promote networking among the volunteer agencies to share and exchange ideas, resources and information. we hope to promote networking not only within the elderly sector but also to other sectors, through our inter-sector networking efforts.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Representatives from Elderly Sector Agencies

All Saints Home - Edmund and Carolyn
Brighthill Evergreen Home - Chung Tat and Molly
Henderson Aged Reachout Programme - Jean Quek
Kreta Ayer (Programme based) - Stephanie and Lay Guat
Moral Home - Huiquan, Daniel and SK
Moral Welfare Home - Fucai and Esther
Silra Home - Shaorong and Rimei
Sree Narayana Home - Wenhui

Our associates - Teck Ee, Eric Cheong, Hwee Hian, Vernon Koh, Jean Quek


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