The objective of the Elderly Sector Network is to synergise, streamline and consolidate training/event-organising efforts between volunteer agencies of the same interest group. Focusing on the elderly sector, we hope to promote networking among the volunteer agencies to share and exchange ideas, resources and information. we hope to promote networking not only within the elderly sector but also to other sectors, through our inter-sector networking efforts.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Words from Our Chairman - Lim Seow Kuan

May I have a minute of your time?

My fellow volunteer,
2006 sees the Elderly Sector Networking group, ESN for short, officially
inaugurated as a networking group where all its members share the same
belief that through networking, synergy is created which will bring about
greater benefits for the beneficiaries in the old aged homes, and senior citizen programmes in Singapore.

We are just a small group of volunteers from the eldercare sector who
hope to do a bit more for volunteers and the beneficiaries. We are not
ambitious but neither are we contented to see opportunities for networking
that can make volunteering more meaningful and less effortless go by.

One of our core activities is to organize non-profit workshops for
volunteers with varying levels of experience and involvement. We are always
on the lookout for good trainers and experienced volunteers to share their
expertise and thoughts with you, and to inspire you. Through the process of
learning, you will be able to serve the beneficiaries better.

Other projects in our pipeline are the Volunteer Exchange Programme
and an Inter-Agency Bazaar and Concert. Through these projects, we hope to
raise the awareness of volunteerism in the eldercare sector in addition to
providing more opportunities for interaction between elderly from different
agencies, between elderly and volunteers, and between volunteers from
different agencies.

Each one of you is significant, that is the message we want to bring to
you. Through more sharing amongst volunteers, let us strive to inspire more
people to take up volunteering as a way of life, just as I have been inspired
and touched by my fellow volunteers that I have come in touch with.

Yours sincerely,
Lim Seow Kuan
ESN, towards Synergy in Networking
January 2006


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